(HU) IncepTech SpaceGarden

Designer: Anett Farkas
Co-designer: Petra Csizik, Karina Szücs-Tassy, Boglárka Pető

Location: BudaPart, Budapest

Status: Built

Surface: 2100m2

The team of IncepTech is working every day to achieve a rather unconventional goal. They assist leading companies and growing enterprises around the globe in attaining outstanding performance in the digital world. When designing IncepTech’s Space Garden, the objective was to create an atmosphere that encourages employees to accomplish anything without boundaries. Success usually derives from bold thinking, readiness, and having faith in ourselves. An inspiring space, where imagination flows free and minds are empowered to open wide by being able to stare in a distance, might stimulate one to recover these traits. Overall, we were aiming to combine the futuristic with the natural.

In harmony with the clear and progressive principles of IncepTech, we designed simple and clear spaces. The major concept was to create a bright office space where technical systems are displayed occasionally just like inside a spaceship, while plants also play an essential role integrated into lamp bodies, furniture, or forming a green wall. This minimalist look is alleviated by playfully arranged sets of furniture and the innovative approach is reinforced by dynamic curves both present in lighting and the glass walls of conference rooms. The high-tech design language of unique furniture synthesizes functionalism and high quality, all in cold pastel colors.