New National Gallery Budapest Competition 2nd prize

The duality of permanency and change
The focus of the architectural concept is to establish a new context in the existing park by placing a new element into it. We wished to bring up new connections between the natural and built elements and by doing this we hope to generate a rethinking process between the connection of nature, man and culture. Our conviction is that an ideally perfect culture only existed when in close coexistence with nature; this idea will prevail in future. Redefinition of the connection between culture and nature in contemporary information society served as a starting point of the thinking process. We tried to interpret the relationships between the New National Museum and the Ludwig Museum within this intellectual context.
We think about the museum to be erected as a physical container having strong presence and offering rich possibilities for people to make contacts with nature, art, and other people there. Overwhelmed with virtual External perspective view Main entrance approaching from the south experiences, people will crave for real experiences in real spaces.