ACG advertising agency

Designer: Ádám Vesztergom, Anett Farkas

Co-designer: Diána Balogh

Location: Margit Palace, Budapest II. ker. Henger u. 2.

Surface: 1300m2

Status: Built

The advertising agency ACG assigned us to design their new office interior as they outgrew their previous building. Our collaboration started already at the search for fitting real estate, understanding the agency’s daily activities, then opting for a building out of use in the previous years, functioning earlier as an industrial tram remise, later rebuilt into an office sublet. The exciting inner areas inspired us to create a working space, that supports community building and the unfolding of creativity, not compromising on the efficiency of work.
Our concept built on the 6 human senses, mirroring agency work, that impacts consumer senses every day:
– the eyes by desaturated colours, reflecting, matte and transparent surfaces for exciting optical illusions
– the ears via acoustic planning, the combination of soft and hard surfaces, more open and more closed spaces
– human touch through the usage of materials with diverse surfaces
– smell and taste through special plants and characteristic eating and coffee launches
– the sense of balance through the planning of quiet spaces for inspiration
Lastly, we built on the original truss framework and industrial geometric forms for the interior wall panelling, flooring, furniture and artwork for consistency throughout.