Apartment II, Budapest III.

Designer: Anett Farkas
Co-designer: Petra Csizik

Location: Budapest, III. district
Planning: 2019
Scale: 270 m2
Visualization: Arch-Studio

State: under construction

The downhill plot of land of suburban nature is located in District III of Budapest, with an excellent view of the city. The intended purposes of the pieces of real estate planned for the plot are a two-dwelling building and a one-dwelling detached house, in which cases the client envisaged interior design in line with the architectural qualities.
In the detached house located in the upper parts of the plot, the interior spaces were enriched by darker materials and shades, reflecting on the backside, more intimate location of the building. According to our concept, we established the harmony of the interior so that while the huge glass surfaces open up the space optically, the wooden and textile surfaces of darker shades serve the illusion of preserving intimacy.

// Click here to read the architectural plans for the houses, and here for the interior design
plan of the lower apartment.