Apartments, Budapest III.

Designer: Ádám Vesztergom
Co-designer: Petra Csizik, Boglárka Pető

Location: Budapest, III. district
Planning: 2019
Scale: 650 m2
Visualization: Arch-Studio

State: under construction

The south-facing, downhill plot of land of suburban nature is located in District III of Budapest, with an
excellent view of the city. The intended purposes of the pieces of real estate planned for the plot are a two-
dwelling building and a one-dwelling detached house. The former one can be accessed through an open
staircase located on the Southside of the plot, while the latter can be approached from the Northside,
through a terrain staircase.

The two apartments of the lower building on the ground floor and the first floor are both semi-detached,
where we placed the community functions towards the Southwestern view, and the terraces are shadowed
by extended flat roofs. In the garage built backward from a retaining wall, you can place three cars, and
there’s a possibility to make room for trash containers and to create a mechanical room.
The community functions of the above building were designed for the lower floor with the roofed terrace,
while the bedrooms, the connecting hallway, and the entrance door were placed on the upper floor.
The simple, compact mass of the buildings got white plaster as surface treatment, thus expressing the
unity and identical character of the buildings. Furthermore, the application of huge glass surfaces was an
important aspect to make the existing link to the garden more intensive and to stress the unrivaled view
even more.

// Interior design plans were also created for the above-mentioned houses, click here for the one of the
upper building and here for the one of the lower apartment.