MSc. architect, managing director

born: 1981 Veszprém, Hungary
citizenship: Hungarian
mobile phone: +36 70 369 9397
e-mail: vesztergom@arch-studio.hu
home page: www.arch-studio.hu
1999-2005 Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Architecture 1999-2005
Erasmus scolarship, Germany – Kassel 2003
2008-2011 DLA (Doctor of Liberal Arts) Student of the Ph.D. School of Arhitecture, – Research topic: Energy efficient design in the contemporary architecture, the principles of the sustainable architecture
Teaching courses (Space Compostion, Basics of Architecture, Complex Design) at the Department of Residental Buildings
2005: MSc. Architect
2011: DLA pre-degree certificate
2005- Senior architect
Hungarian native language
English fluent
German intermediate
Professional experience:
2003 Trainee at HHS Planer und Architekten, Kassel, Germany
2005-2007 Architect at Tér Alkotó Kft.
2007-2012 Working as an architect with several architect studios: HHS Planer und Architekten, XYZ Kft., Ív Stúdió Kft.
Építész Stúdió Kft., Karácsony Kft.
2012- Architect, owner and CEO at Arch-Studio Kft.
2005 Hauszmann Alajos Degree Award of the BME Faculty of Architecture
2009 Junior Príma award
Competition awards:
2003 Expansion of the Railway Station, Kassel, Germany invited to the competition HHS Planer und Architekten
4. prize (designer)
2005 Balassa Primary School renovation, expansion for high school and city library, Esztergom – XYZ Kft.
3. prize (associate).
2005 “3d’sign 2005” visualisation competition
1. prize (designer)
2006 Ulcisia Castra – Museum Headquarters, Szentendre, international competition with Sándor Makrai, Gábor Csernyánszky
extra purchase (designer)
2005 House of Elderly, Budapest IV. Baross u. 100. – competition Építész Stúdió Kft.
purchase (associate)
2008 Károlyi István Ctiy Centre, Újpest – international competition with Veronika B. Szaból, Zsuzsanna Szeift, Éva Bányai
3. prize. (designer)
2008 Hospital, Szeged. International competition with Veronika B. Szaból, Zsuzsanna Szeift
purchase. (designer)
2009 Csopak villapark – 10 luxury apartments. Invited to the competition
2. prize (designer)
2009 Budaörs: Kindergarten of Hársfa street. National competition
extra purchase (designer)
2009 Móricz Zsigmond square: the building “Gomba” use and reconstruction ideas. National competition with Attila Bujdosó, 2. prize, (designer)
2009 National memorial development, Székesfehérvár. National competition with Tamás Karácsony, Balázs Kemes
purchase, (designer)
2010 Maribor Art Gallery. International competition, Zsuffa & Kalmár Architet Studio
extra purchase (associate)
2010 Kindergarten centre Budapest XVIII. National competition with Sándor Makrai, Barnabás Láris
purchase, (designer)
2011 Community hall and main square of XV. district Budapest. National competition with Barnabás Láris
1st prize (designer)
2012 PREFA metal sheet roofing award. Family house Székesfehérvár, with Barnabás Láris
1st prize (designer)
2012 EUROPAN 11, Szeged Pólus development. International competition with Barnabás Láris
purchase, (designer)
2012 Orczy garten development Budapest. National competition with Barnabás Láris, Eszter Bors, Iván Kund, Anett Farkas
purchase, (designer)
2012 Zero Challenge Xella international design competition with Szabolcs Nagy-Miticzky, Barnabás Láris
1st prize (designer)
2014 Ybl memorial house. National competition with Csilla Fekete, Balázs Őrley, Balázs Kemes, 
purchase, (designer)
2014 Community hall of XV. district Budapest. National competition with Barnabás Láris
purchase, (designer)
2015 New National Gallery and Ludwig Museum Budapest. Invited to the competition, with Mihály Balázs DLA, Márton Nagy DLA, Balázs Falvai DLA, Dávid Török DLA, Péter Kronavetter, Zita Pelle Tamás Karácsony DLA, Bence Török, Balázs Kemes, Péter Szabó, Melinda Borsos, Eszter Mihály, Miklós Vannay DLA
2nd prize (associate)
2015 Visual modernization of the Kossuth Square 6-8. office building Budapest. International competition
1st prize (designer)
2016 Museum of Ethnography, Budapest. Invited to the competition. Designers: Ádám Vesztergom, Szabolcs Nagy-Miticzky, Béla Bánáti, Lajos Hartvig